Always Move Toward the Light, Copyright 2013, Pilar Arthur-Snead & Photographic Expressions

There are two paths, as I see it, that a person bent on developing the habit of creation can travel. Neither is better than the other and neither is worse than the other but each is a commitment to oneself and one’s art.

First, you can commit to create something everyday. This is neither a heavenly revelation nor a piece of advice that is particularly profound. Yet it is so simple that the idea often evades us.

Gary Winogrand was a prolific photographer. He his noted to have spent time photographing every day and at his death, in 1984, he left behind over 2,500 undeveloped rolls of film.  Certainly, then,we are safe to conjecture that Mr. Winogrand was an artist and photographer who travelled, largely on a path of the first order.

To that end, you might consider a 365-project for yourself. A 365-day project is a typical undertaking of photographers but anyone can benefit from such an endeavor and one can do so for any purpose. 365-day projects are typically done to document and record a year of the photographer’s life. However, they have the resulting affect of also allowing the photographer to become more deeply involved in the photographic process or to delve profoundly into a long-term photographic project.

So the first path encourages you quite simply, to embark on a sustained journey of creation and participation. If you are in an artistic rut or in the rut of daily life, undoubtedly at the end of 365 days of concerted engagement, you will see its end.

Next week…we’ll discuss the other fork in the road. Until next week get out there and make some art. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out my Photo Links page. I usually post You Tube Videos or images related to the day’s post. It’s really there for pure photographic inspiration and engagement!


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