I have a treat for you all for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge!

First a song:



I live in Albany NY. This is a city found by Dutch settlers in the 1700’s. So each year the city remembers its Dutch heritage with a weekend celebration called the Tulip Festival. There’s the traditional Dutch Street Cleaning Ceremony, a Tulip Court and Queen, Coronation of the Queen and a Grand Ball. For us common folk, there are food stands, music bands, family events and such in the park.

Of course, being a Dutch city in the heart of America, there are Tulips! The city gardener plans a year in advance how Washington Park’s Gardens will look.  All over the city tulips bloom in all varieties of colors.  The park becomes a nature photographer’s dream in the early spring when the tulips rear their heads for a short few weeks. The Tulip Festival is a celebration of life, community and the spirit of this city affectionately called “SmAlbany”.

Flowers as a photographic subject are a bit trite. Regardless, it is fun to go back them each year at this time because flowers, especially tulips, do remain as one of nature’s truly sublime elements. Everyone can appreciate a flower’s beauty! Photographing flowers offers an opportunity to return to an unfettered state of simply looking. You know what they say….You have to stop and smell the roses and in this case it’s tulips!

Everyone appreciates flowers and their spring Patterns:

Happy Spring!!



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