Blah, Blah, Blah

You know blogging is not easy. I have started this blog, stopped, and started again. What I have found is that, I will have a good run of things I feel I need to say… You know, a bunch of stuff I’ve just got to get off my chest and then… I don’t.

So rather than force myself to sit down and just write something, I’ll find that I’m suddenly just toooooo busy to sit down and write. And then one month of not writing can turn into two months and then to three and four and so on and so on and so on.

So how do you combat this? The solution is probably much the same as when I tackle photography and art projects. Sometimes you do have to force yourself to simply create, even when you just plain ‘ole don’t feel like it!

That’s why I started my other blog Exposure365. I am, by nature, a visual learner, thinker and creator. So I needed to challenge myself to create imagery everyday. The easiest, most expedient method of  creation for a visual 365 day project is using my cell phone camera.

Though, I have many other cameras, both film and digital, I have found that to be (relatively) consistent, I have to be able to make the image quickly and then edit and post quickly as well. With the use of mobile apps, such as Shoot and Snapseed, my mobile photo flow has been a breeze!

I might need to do the same with a written blog. Follow a 365 day post, everyday plan in order to get myself in the habit of writing or create a writing habit. Essentially, that’s what this post is – a get back on the horse writing exercise since I missed my post deadline last month. =)

If you’ve got an idea for next’s month’s post, let me know!



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